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Recap of The Wedding Industry Awards 2023 South Central Regional Final          
25/11/2022    17:36

Recap of The Wedding Industry Awards 2023 South Central Regional Final

The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) is a prestigious event that rewards and recognizes the best wedding service providers each year in the UK. The Wedding Industry Awards 2023 South Central Regional Final took place in November, bringing a lot of emotions, inspiration, and great moments.

As a Regional Finalist of the South Central, I was invited to the beautifully situated Old Thorns Hotel in the picturesque area of Hampshire where the Regional Final took place. This hotel is a perfect place to organize such a prestigious event, with spacious rooms, elegant decor, and a professional approach to guest service. The atmosphere was exclusive and luxurious, which put the participants in the proper right mood.

As part of the South Central The Wedding Industry Awards 2023 Regional Final, many awards were given in various categories such as wedding photography, decorations, catering, music, floristry, wedding organization, and many many others. The winners were announced on stage, and their joy and emotion were visible to everyone present at the event. The awards were well deserved as competition was fierce and the level of wedding services offered by vendors in the South Central region is very impressive.

me with my friend Anna

The Wedding Industry Awards 2023 South Central Regional Final was an amazing and memorable experience. Regional Winners were awarded a ticket to the National Final that was given to the most deserving wedding service providers, and the supplier's presentations were extremely creative and inspiring.

The Wedding Industry Awards 2023 Regional Final event was also an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with other wedding service providers. Suppliers could exchange experiences, share knowledge, and build business relationships. This is a valuable experience for professionals in the field of wedding makeup, which allows them to expand their circle of contacts and cooperate in the future.

twia 2023 award

I would like to warmly congratulate all the winners of the TWIA 2023 South Central Regional Final. Your passion, professionalism, and commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for young couples are worthy of recognition. Regional Winners skills, creativity, and commitment were appreciated by independent judges and you deservedly won the title of the best supplier in your field. This is a huge achievement and a reason to be proud! It was such a great experience to be part of it :)

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