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Become The Best Version Of You With A Professional Makeup Artist In Birmingham

I AM super passionate about my job and my aim is to create the best look for you on your D-day. I am a professional makeup artist in Birmingham and am always there to offer you a complete look from makeup to hairstyling. So, do not fear of being plastered in an orange foundation on the best day of your life. I promise to make you look absolutely stunning and the best version of you!

My job shows my deep-rooted beliefs and absolute respect for Mother Earth. Therefore, I strictly prefer cruelty-free, premium, luxury products that are absolutely vegan-friendly. My ecofriendliness reflects on every project I take up. As a bridal makeup artist, it’s my duty to stay transparent and honest with my clients.

When people search for "makeup artist near me" in Birmingham, Maloveanka Makeup comes to the top search result. It’s only because my clients liked my work and helped me come to the top with their good reviews. So, if you are looking for someone more than a professional makeup artist in Birmingham, who will assist you with makeup on your wedding day, you can dial my number. It’s my duty to keep you relaxed throughout the process. Only then does the best version of you come out and that is what brings a smile on both of our faces.

Sneak Peak at the Makeup Kit Essentials from a Professional Makeup Artist in Birmingham

Makeup is an art that is impossible without the essential tools. At Maloveanka, I use some of premium products for your face, lips, and eyes. I use them according to your skin type and the weather in Birmingham. I want you to look the prettiest on your special day. Therefore, listing here the face makeup essentials for your better understanding:


Before applying skincare products, I use primer because it prepares your skin to hold your makeup in place. It keeps your makeup fresh throughout the day. Forming a base for your foundation and makeup is also its primary duty. Any bridal makeup artist in Birmingham or Manchester prefers primer because it hides your pores from view and reduces fine lines. The right primer will also regulate dry and oily skin. Therefore, I never skip this primary and most needful step.


There is no better way to hide pigmentation, redness, dark spots, or fine lines on your face than applying the perfect concealer. I do not want your wedding photos to get photoshopped to make you look flawless when makeup can do that with utter perfection.


I always insist on meeting my clients personally before I take on the project. One of the major reasons behind this is to match the foundation shade. I am a professional makeup artist in Birmingham and I do want a perfect look for you on your special day.

Face Compact

Face compact does the last but not the least job. It keeps the perfection of your wedding celebration look.


Every bridal makeup artist prefers to contour after your makeup is done. It provides definition to your facial features, enhancing your nose and cheekbones. It leaves you with a sculpted look for your day ahead.


Once the preparation is done, I choose the best shade of blush that goes with your look. Blush prepares your cheekbones with the perfect shades of pink or red to up your diva quotient. As a professional makeup artist in Birmingham, I believe nothing freshens up your look quite like a perfect blush with the right tint of bright shades.


Highlighter pigments attract light, leading to a brighter, lit-from-within look for your features. I apply it over your foundation and before using the concealer to enhance the features that are naturally lit up by the sun - above your eyebrows, brow bone, cheekbones, and the bow of the lip.

Makeup Setting Spray

Last but not least, the makeup setting spray does an amazing job and the bridal makeup story is not complete without this superstar! It keeps your makeup intact and does not let it melt no matter how hot the weather is.

I am happy to contribute to photo sessions and other events. Please take a look at my portfolio where you can see my work here.

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Anna Rudnicka Makeup Artist based in Banbury Oxfordshire