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Bridal Makeup On The Day

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Bridal Makeup Trial

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Occasional / Night Out / Mother of the Bride / Bridesmaid Makeup



£55 - Beauty Room


£75 - service delivered to your place! (for further trips than the Banbury area, an extra charge applies, see T&C)


Duration: 1h 15 mins


Service includes:

  • professional care and skin treatment before applying makeup
  • makeup application
  • silk individual/strips false eyelashes ( on your request )
  • removal of skin imperfections (if it's necessary)
  • illumination of your neck and cleavage
  • long-lasting coverage perfection spray

This kind of makeup will make you look gorgeous, boosting your sex appeal, making you feel special. All in good taste and esthetical. Shine like a star, feel your exquisite beauty on any occasion. We all deserve a bit of luxury.

Occasional Makeup designed for you will emphasize your beauty and compliment your outfit. Also, it's a bit more intensive than the traditional one: Smokey Eye, silky, glitter, or deep color lipsticks, all high quality, and designed just for you!

We use the original and highest quality products for your professional makeup look which will last long hours. Do not worry if you are not sure about styling and makeup. We'll offer professional help and advice too. You can rely on our knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

Terms and Conditions apply




  1. Maloveanka Makeup by Anna Rudnicka is a fully insured and registered company.
  2. You can get information and make your booking over the phone 07858607942, fan page: or you can e-mail us:
  3. To use our services You agree to store your personal and contact data in our customer's database.
  4. Beauty Room VS Delivery To Your Place explained:

    • Beauty Room is a cheaper option for the service at my place (you need to come to me). All stuff there is ready and waiting for you, so you save money and I save time with the preparations. Fair enough ;)

    • Delivery To Your Place faces a higher price, why? I have to spend some time with preparations before I'll be ready to serve you: I have to perform a selection of makeup products, pack all required tools, for eg. a Ring Led Light, makeup chair, makeup chests with all products, and other useful stuff, and then finally I can take a trip to your place ;)
  5. To be fully booked on a certain date/service we charge a non-refundable deposit of 50% total service cost due within 3 working days from the time of booking. If you fail to place a deposit, unfortunately, your service will be canceled.
  6. In case of cancellation of appointment or absence, we DO NOT return the deposit (it does not apply if the appointment is postponed to another date).
  7. The deposit can be return only if makeup service has been cancelled due to emergencies or special events such as e.g. medical treatment (it does not apply to makeup service postponment).
  8. Any changes are applicable only after the agreement of both parties: our stylist and You as a customer.
  9. Travel Expenses (Optional):
    If you are not based in Banbury and you have booked service delivered to your destination, travel will be charged at £0.60 per mile for both ways from my postcode OX16 1EF, Banbury.
    Travel expenses, if any, will be calculated and included on your invoice once your booking submission has been received.
  10. We kindly ask you to come on time for your appointment.
  11. If you are late for your appointment more than 15 minutes, your service can be cancelled to keep up our schedule with other customers.
  12. We keep the policy of no-smoking, no alcohol, no drug use in our premises (that applies to accompanying persons as well).
  13. If you are accompanied by other persons (a photographer, a cameraman, a friend), we kindly ask you to supply us with the information before your appointment.
  14. For a better and longer effect of makeup we ask you to prepare your skin accordingly:
    • a day before your appointment please do a gentle face peeling and nourish your skin using approved face masks (tested for any possible allergies)
    • a few days before your appointment, please treat your facial hair, e.g. eyebrows or moustache, if necessary
    • please do not sunbathe, use a sunbed or tanning devices for 3 days before your service
    • if you have extended eyelashes, we will clean them and keep them safe before re-application
    • please attend your appointment without wearing makeup
  15. We reserve the right to refuse our service in case of untreated lip sore, canker sore or other infectious skin diseases. This also applies in skin burns or excessive suntan, e.g. extended sunbathing or sunbed use.
  16. We care about our customers. If you are not satisfied with the results of makeup, we will return the costs and remove makeup completely, provided your claim is made immediately after the service. Other claims than these shall not be accepted.
  17. If you are aware of your allergies to skin cosmetic ingredients, please let us know at the time of making an appointment.
  18. When you decide on our service, you declare you have been informed about a possible allergic reaction to any ingredients used in our treatments.
  19. Confirmation of your appointment means accepting our Terms and Conditions (p.1 – p.18).